Our company

Caribbean Solar Energy LLC is a company established in 2017 and focused on renewable energy service in Puerto Rico. This company is dedicated to the sale, design,services and installations of both residential and commercial renewable energy projects. This business is organized under the statutes of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as a "Limited Liability Company". Engineers Juan Echegaray Romero and Julián Ruiz Torres count as owners and founding partners. Mr. Juan Echegaray has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. Additionally, he is a Licensed Engineer under the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Mr. Julian Ruiz Torres has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and a Master of Business with a Master in Project Management from the University of Turabo of Puerto Rico. All of its members, founders and employees have vast experience within the renewable energy industry. As part of our effort, Caribbean Solar Energy is founded in Puerto Rico with the objective of reducing high energy costs and providing relief to the consumer's pocket through a clean and efficient solar service.

Mission and vision

Caribbean Solar Energy aspires every day to create electricity generation systems through solar panels with the best performance, cost efficiency and aesthetics in the market. Always considering essential factors such as the needs of each of our clients, the satisfaction of our employees in each project and responsible practices with our environment.

Caribbean Solar Energy aims to be considered the most reliable company in installation and maintenance of residential and commercial solar systems in the Caribbean. We aspire one day to achieve enough solar installations to power millions of people in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, thus creating a better future and reducing existing high energy costs.